Tuesday, September 27, 2011

missoni (for target) fever

though i was disappointed by the long wait time i had to purchase this item from the missoni for target collaboration (three hours of just sitting on that website!), i was glad when the one and only thing i wanted came last week.  i had been worrying for a few days after reading stories of others who had their orders processed and then cancelled because of crashed servers, but it worked out in the end.  i am so happy with my purchase and i cannot wait to use it!

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unfortunately, this item is out of stock on target.com.  if you do decide to venture to eBay to look for some of the missoni for target products, really refine your search.  this make-up bag was originally $19.99, but i found someone selling it on eBay for $74.99. hmm...

i hope that some of you were lucky (and patient) enough to get some of the items!

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