Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

halloween - a day of costumes, candy, tricks, and treats.  i wouldn't say this is one of my favorite days of the year, but i know that it's a fun time for every kid.  unfortunately, the weather lately has started to feel more like winter than autumn so here are a few things that remind me of the season...

{autumn decor outside of our house}

{pumpkin spice & original frozen yogurt with graham cracker 
crumbs, dark chocolate chips, and yogurt chips from red mango}

{autumn themed muffin cups bought on sale used for...}

{... delicious chocolate orange brownies to commemorate halloween}

have a safe and happy halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

oh, the weather outside is frightful

guess they weren't lying when they said it was going to snow today.  and it's still coming down pretty hard...

{outside of nordstrom parking garage}

{image taken via instagram}

Friday, October 28, 2011

friday five: gearing up for the cold

the cold weather seems to have came on very suddenly this year.  and very early too.  one day, the temperatures are hovering in the 60s and a few days later i'm trying to figure out what i should wear because it may actually snow in october.  now, i'm pretty used to cold weather.  i went to syracuse university which certainly sees its fair share of snow and cold temperatures.  anyone remember those 100+ hours of straight snow and no canceled classes last december? mhmm...

tomorrow, the forecast is a high of 44 and a low of 32 with a chance of one to three inches of snow.  time to break out the cute and functional winter attire and accessories!

{echo quilted driver gloves - perfect for my iphone!}

{j.crew perfect shirt in tartan}

{j. crew toggle coat - in LOVE with this!}

{l'occitane shea butter hand cream - perfect to protect from the harsh and cold winter weather}

Thursday, October 27, 2011

keeping up with traditions

when the harry potter book series were turned into movies, the wait between each was much longer than i could stand.  i often found myself trying very hard to remember what happened in each book, especially since some of the books were just being released while movies were coming out.  so one summer, i decided that the best thing to do was to reread the entire series (or how many ever books were out at the time).  and i did that for every time a new book or movie came out, sometimes even reading the series backwards.

i continued this with other books-turned-movies, not just long series.  but there is another series that is coming to a close soon.  

that's right.  i'm talking about twilight.  i'm not ashamed to admit that i've read the books or that i enjoy the movies.  even though i've found grammatical errors in the books and the movies aren't oscar-award winning by any means, it's fun to still have that guilty pleasure.  in mid-november, the first part of the final movie will be released and i can't help but be a bit sad.  it is sort of comforting to know that the final movie is a year away so it's awhile til the series really ends, but still upsetting to know that another one of my favorites is ending.  

i have plans to start reading the series again tomorrow.  it doesn't actually take me a month to read these, just three - five days.  but since i've started working, i've found that i don't read as much as i'd like/usually do - mainly because i'm just so tired haha

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

trying out something new

today, a very large package from amazon came in the mail for me.  i was so excited because i knew that it had to be the mini donut pan and mini muffin pan that i ordered last week.  i had a recipe that i knew i wanted to test out with the mini muffin pan and decided that i needed to make it right away.  so i stayed up til 11:30PM making these bad boys.  i haven't actually eaten one yet and no one else in my family has either, but the smell while making these has me thinking that they will be worth the wait.

{mini homemade peanut butter cups; recipe}

they didn't turn out as pretty as i wanted and the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter was really off in some of these (not sure if that's really a bad thing though...), but i think i will be making these often.

{images taken via instagram}

Monday, October 24, 2011

monday musings

before i get to the point of this entry - my current wish list - i want to discuss blog entries.

i've always find it hard to find time to post entries (this is, i think, my third blog).  i know that many bloggers post everyday and at a scheduled time, something that i've always found difficult.  when i started this blog, i vowed that i would make a better effort at posting more often.  unfortunately, that hasn't happened since i missed last friday's post, but i really am trying to make a conscious effort to post more.  i think i need to get in the habit of penciling these types of things in my planner or putting it into my phone.

but on to the real point of this post...

last friday for my friday five i meant to post my current wish list.  i didn't have too much time since my uncle came in on thursday night from the philippines and it was my grandmother's birthday.  so then i decided the post would just have to wait til monday.  it has changed a bit since then since i actually bought one of the items that was on the list, but otherwise it is the same.  one of these items is actually something that i will be asking for during christmas.

{stephanie johnson rodeo drive black collection}

{daninotes personalized chevron iphone 4 case}

{shu uemura eyelash curler - i desperately need a new one!}

{corso como 'rocky' boot}

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

cookies and cupcakes

it is no secret that i love baking.  i don't necessarily love sweets so much, just the act of baking itself really.  i find it to be so fun to try out new recipes, learning what works and what doesn't, and making adjustments to fit your own personal taste.  i tried out a new cupcake recipe on sunday that seemed to be a hit with the family.  and the cookies i made monday night were of a classic pairing.

{roasted blueberry cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting; recipe}

{peanut butter chocolate chip cookies; recipe}

both of these recipes come from my all - time favorite baking blog, how sweet it is.  the pictures she includes in her entries make me want to make every single thing - it all looks delicious!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

friday five

... on saturday.  oops!  i meant to post this on friday but was sidetracked by a few things.  i wanted to get my five favorites from this week up though, no matter the time (or day)!

{what a great proposal in CA!  a must watch!}

{gFlex pants from the Gap}

{make up for ever aqua cream in #1 and #15 - great for a quick work routine}

{miss dior chérie - a stronger floral, yet musky, scent for autumn}

{midnight cami by essie}

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a tuesday treat

last wednesday, my parents hopped across the pond to play some golf in the uk.  really that means that my dad played golf and my mom followed him around the course (sorry mommy, you know it's true).  they came back this afternoon, but unfortunately i was at work when they returned home so i wasn't able to see them.  so since i couldn't welcome them home, i decided to leave them a nice surprise.

{taken with instagram; recipe}

the first time i made these cookies, my dad told me they were the best cookies i've ever made.  i bake often so i took this as quite the compliment.  now i think most cookies pale in comparison to these.

Monday, October 10, 2011

m is for monograms

and mondays!  and today is a great monday since i had the day off from work due to columbus day.

i have a few favorites in life that i think i will never tire of.  monograms are one of those.  i think they are classic and elegant and serve a great purpose - they display ownership.  because who wants to be carrying around an item that includes someone else's name on it?

{monogrammed mugs from anthropologie}

{yarn-wrapped letters - a great diy}

{mini lace monogram necklace from charm and chain}

{monogram beaded letters for gifts - another diy}

Friday, October 7, 2011

friday five

this week didn't seem so long and that may be because i worked our two day user conference on tuesday and wednesday.  but it's finally friday!  and even better, it's a three day weekend because of the holiday on monday!  i plan on spending my weekend shopping the sales, baking, and catching up on sleep (thanks dad for letting me go to the gym with you twice this week at 4:30AM).

and speaking of the gym...

{reebok sports club on the upper west side - such a great facility that i didn't mind working out at 5AM}

{this henley from j. crew, which is currently on sale, in salon green and dusty blush}

{ralph by ralph lauren rollerball, my favorite fragrance in a to - go form}

{kashi go lean crunchy! chocolate pretzel bars - best bar i've ever had}

hope you have a great weekend!

outfit of the day(s)

sometimes i feel dumb when i take pictures of myself and the outfits i'm wearing.  especially when i have to use a mirror.  and with my iphone.  i just couldn't help myself because i actually really loved these two outfits and was glad to see that my curls held for two days.

wednesday, 10. 05. 2011
{sweater, tank top, skirt: j. crew, shoes: steve madden, watch: toywatch, bracelet: HRH}

thursday, 10. 06. 2011
{dress: j. crew, shoes: jack purcell, watch: toywatch, bracelet: HRH}

how did i get my hair to hold the curls for two days?  i decided to finally try out this tutorial and was so happy with how it turned out.  you can't really tell from the picture, but i thought my hair looked much nicer on thursday than it did on wednesday.