Thursday, October 27, 2011

keeping up with traditions

when the harry potter book series were turned into movies, the wait between each was much longer than i could stand.  i often found myself trying very hard to remember what happened in each book, especially since some of the books were just being released while movies were coming out.  so one summer, i decided that the best thing to do was to reread the entire series (or how many ever books were out at the time).  and i did that for every time a new book or movie came out, sometimes even reading the series backwards.

i continued this with other books-turned-movies, not just long series.  but there is another series that is coming to a close soon.  

that's right.  i'm talking about twilight.  i'm not ashamed to admit that i've read the books or that i enjoy the movies.  even though i've found grammatical errors in the books and the movies aren't oscar-award winning by any means, it's fun to still have that guilty pleasure.  in mid-november, the first part of the final movie will be released and i can't help but be a bit sad.  it is sort of comforting to know that the final movie is a year away so it's awhile til the series really ends, but still upsetting to know that another one of my favorites is ending.  

i have plans to start reading the series again tomorrow.  it doesn't actually take me a month to read these, just three - five days.  but since i've started working, i've found that i don't read as much as i'd like/usually do - mainly because i'm just so tired haha

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