Monday, November 28, 2011

snapshots from the weekend

some pictures {taken with my iphone} of how i spent my long weekend.  if you couldn't tell, most of it centered around sports.  syracuse played at madison square garden on wednesday and friday night as part of the NIT season opener.  i'm glad that i was able to see them play - and win the tournament! - even if it wasn't in the carrier dome.  the great seats are due to my dad - thanks dad!  we also went to a ny jets game on sunday at metlife stadium.  jets fans enjoyed the win, including my dad who is a die-hard jets fan.  too bad for him i ended up a new englad patriots fan, aka their rivals.  it's also too bad for him that my team is the better one.  you can imagine there is a lot of playful banter that goes on in our house.  and my parents went and got our christmas tree!  christmas is my favorite holiday and i think december is one of the happiest months of the year with all of the great decorations and cheery holiday tunes.  i can't wait to decorate it on wednesday!

Friday, November 25, 2011

friday five: trying out something new!

i decided to try out a few things that i learned in an adobe creative suite class i recently took.  it took awhile, but i'm pretty happy with the result.  hopefully these will get better each time i try to do this!  the pictures aren't the greatest {in fact, they're awful - sorry!} quality, most likely because i took four of them on my phone.

this week's favorites: my new starbucks mug, bobbing for baubles from essie, going to the syracuse basketball game at madison square garden {and watching them beat virginia tech - a great W!}, penne pasta with parmesan and pepper {recipe here}, and a wonderful {and very filling} thanksgiving dinner with my family. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving

this year i am thankful for my family, my friends who are more like family, having a job that i enjoy and has taught me so much, great health, and everything about this life i live and its simple pleasures.  i have been blessed with a great family and wonderful friends that i have met over the years and surround myself with.  i simply could not want or wish for anything more.

happy thanksgiving to you and your families.

{image via pinterest}

Friday, November 18, 2011

friday five

this week flew by.  seriously.  i thought it may be a really slow week since i had a mini-vacation last weekend with my trip back to syracuse.  glad it wasn't slow as i had anticipated though!

no particular theme to this week's favorites.  i was trying to think of one but i realized that these really don't have much in common... other than my current love for them.

{images all taken with my iphone, edited with instagram}

{tory burch flats - haven't worn these in two years!}

{blueprint cleanse p.a.m. juice - yum!}

{school of hard rocks, bobbing for baubles, and fifth avenue from essie}

{new monogram iphone 4 case from marley lilly}

{nonfat peppermint mochas from starbucks}

Monday, November 14, 2011

i'm coming home again

what a weekend!  being back at syracuse was bittersweet.  it was great to be back on campus and visit my favorite haunts and see friends, but it was sad too.  there was this also feeling of just being "over it" (crowded nights at chuck's? glad i'm done with that) and being glad that i'm no longer stressing over tests and papers and dealing with other college things.  no matter what though, syracuse university will always be my second home - my home away from home.  the weekend flew by and i wish there were more hours in a day so that i could spend time with all of my friends, those i graduated with and those still there.

it was such a fun weekend, and i am already counting down the days til my next trip back to SU.

i didn't take too many pictures (i'm not really a camera person), but here are some from my instagram...

{hendricks chapel from the quad}

{hall of languages on a sunny and cool saturday afternoon}

{mochi ice cream at brickstone market}

{chucks for the basketball season opener with angela}

{hall of languages in the early evening}

{wrapped in a scarf on the walk home}

{coolest menu at alto cinco - vegan quesadilla is to die for!}

{getting ready for karen's early 22nd birthday celebrations}

{iced coffee in a mason jar at mello velo during sunday brunch}

{angela and the big blue house, my home for the weekend}

Friday, November 11, 2011

friday five: syracuse edition

i can hardly contain my excitement!  why?  because tomorrow afternoon, i will be on a flight to syracuse, ny for homecoming weekend at syracuse university!  so, so excited to be going back to my alma mater!  it's only been about six months since graduation, but i am missing SU, the campus, and my friends so much.

so because of homecoming and my trip back, this week's friday five is in honor of some friends and favorites from SU...

{hall of languages - so pretty!; via}

{otto at commencement 2011; via}

{my friend angela and i - thanks for letting me stay with you this weekend!}

{roomies at gamma phi christmas party 2010}

{some gamma phi seniors after graduation 2011}

i cannot wait for the weekend to start and to see everyone!  hope everyone has as wonderful and fun weekend!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a few yummies

since moving back home, i've decided to try my hand at cooking.  as my family and friends know, i love to bake.  seriously.  there have been some instances where i'll bake twice in one day or bake every day of the week or weekend.  cooking though hasn't really been my strength.  there was actually a period of time in high school where i cooked dinner on sunday for me and my parents.  it didn't last long, but hey, it was a good effort.

i've tried out a few recipes from dashing dish, mainly for breakfast (mentioned here) or dinner.  honestly, this girl can do no wrong.  all of the recipes i've tried have been excellent and i can't wait to try out some more!

{all pictures via dashing dish - completely forgot to take pictures, oops!}

go check out katie of dashing dish to try out some of her delicious recipes!

Friday, November 4, 2011

friday five: mad for plaid

can you believe that it's november already?!  time is flying by and it's crazy just how quickly the holidays are approaching.  stores already have holiday and christmas window displays, and it's finally red cup season at starbucks!  with the cooler temperatures of late autumn and winter and the joy of the holidays, plaid patterns are everywhere, renewing my love and hope of owning some fun and trendy plaid-patterned items.

{j. crew factory cotton flannel tux dress in red plaid}

{pieces hedvig tartan cross body bag from asos}

{j. crew factory fireside plaid skirt in rosy red}