Friday, November 11, 2011

friday five: syracuse edition

i can hardly contain my excitement!  why?  because tomorrow afternoon, i will be on a flight to syracuse, ny for homecoming weekend at syracuse university!  so, so excited to be going back to my alma mater!  it's only been about six months since graduation, but i am missing SU, the campus, and my friends so much.

so because of homecoming and my trip back, this week's friday five is in honor of some friends and favorites from SU...

{hall of languages - so pretty!; via}

{otto at commencement 2011; via}

{my friend angela and i - thanks for letting me stay with you this weekend!}

{roomies at gamma phi christmas party 2010}

{some gamma phi seniors after graduation 2011}

i cannot wait for the weekend to start and to see everyone!  hope everyone has as wonderful and fun weekend!

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