Monday, November 14, 2011

i'm coming home again

what a weekend!  being back at syracuse was bittersweet.  it was great to be back on campus and visit my favorite haunts and see friends, but it was sad too.  there was this also feeling of just being "over it" (crowded nights at chuck's? glad i'm done with that) and being glad that i'm no longer stressing over tests and papers and dealing with other college things.  no matter what though, syracuse university will always be my second home - my home away from home.  the weekend flew by and i wish there were more hours in a day so that i could spend time with all of my friends, those i graduated with and those still there.

it was such a fun weekend, and i am already counting down the days til my next trip back to SU.

i didn't take too many pictures (i'm not really a camera person), but here are some from my instagram...

{hendricks chapel from the quad}

{hall of languages on a sunny and cool saturday afternoon}

{mochi ice cream at brickstone market}

{chucks for the basketball season opener with angela}

{hall of languages in the early evening}

{wrapped in a scarf on the walk home}

{coolest menu at alto cinco - vegan quesadilla is to die for!}

{getting ready for karen's early 22nd birthday celebrations}

{iced coffee in a mason jar at mello velo during sunday brunch}

{angela and the big blue house, my home for the weekend}

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  1. I'm so glad you came; hope you had a wonderful time!


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