Tuesday, December 20, 2011

deux lux for american eagle outfitters

Earlier this month, I featured this deux lux duffle bag in a gift guide for the jet setter.  After, I frequently visited the site just to look at all of the things they have.  Honestly, I think deux lux may make some of the prettiest bags and accessories I've seen in awhile.  Or at least, they are definitely the ones with the most sparkle.

This past Saturday while at the mall with my mom, we happened to stumble upon a bag I had admired once or twice before in American Eagle.  My mom and I have pretty similar taste so I wasn't surprised when she pointed it out me.  I was surprised though when she showed me the label.

GAH.  I was a bit excited to say the least.  My mom had recognized it from my blog and offered to buy it for me {thanks Mommy!} since American Eagle had a 40% off sale going on.  Imagine our surprise when  we got to the register and the price was reduced from $49.50 to $22!  More than 40% off and quite a steal from the deux lux Felix Small Duffle and Cosmic Love Duffle.  I used it later on that night when I went out with my parents and again on Sunday.  And today.  And I'll most likely use it tomorrow.

I'm in love clearly.

{deux lux for American Eagle Sequined Mini; on clearance here}

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