Wednesday, December 28, 2011

holiday baking

Surprisingly, I didn't bake much over the holiday weekend.  There was one thing that I was determined to try though.  I wanted to decorate cookies with royal icing.  I've always considered it to be one of the skills that really made someone a great baker {there are much harder things but let's start out small}.  It has always been something that I was nervous about doing because 1. I don't consider myself to be that artistic/creative and 2. I really don't like royal icing.  Royal icing can be too sweet or just... off... tasting if you don't have the right recipe.

Well, I've got it.

This icing tasted more like meringue, something I happen to like, so I thought this was great.  The recipes I used for the sugar cookie and the royal icing both came from Glorious Treats, an amazing baking blog I found over the holiday weekend.  That blog and Sweet Sugar Belle are two baking blogs that I will be referencing for recipes, ideas, and great tips for cookie decorating.  Just browse through their posts to see some decorated cookies that will blow your mind.  It amazes me that people can create such pretty cookies!

Mine are not so pretty, but hey!  I think they were pretty good for a first-timer.

{Like I said, I'm no Picasso.}

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