Thursday, December 8, 2011

more gift ideas & stocking stuffers

these are a few gifts that i meant to include in my previous gift guides but didn't want to overload any of them.  they are just as great as the other items i mentioned and would make fabulous gifts to receive for christmas {or hanukkah}!

1. Monthly subscriptions to things like Birchbox {beauty and skincare products with boxes for women and men!} and Beer of the Month Club 2. Jay-Z The Blueprint 10th Anniversary Vinyl 3. J. Crew Refined Silk-Cashmere Wrap 4. Taschen 4 Cities 5. J. Crew Leather Flask {clever saying!}

1. Essie Luxeffects Top Coats in Set in Stones and Shine of the Times 2. The World's Best Dress Sock by hook + Albert {these are so fun!} 3. Contrasting Laces by hook + Albert 4. Kate Spade Twirl Roller Ball {my go-to perfume for work} 5. Philipp Keel's Simple Diary Vol. 2 6. Gingerbread Boy S'mores {what a yummy treat to find in your stocking!}


  1. I love your blog! What do you use to make this kind of collages! They're so pretty

  2. Thanks! I use either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to make collages. Either one works great!


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