Saturday, January 21, 2012

better late than never

I tried really hard to actually get this posted on Friday.  Well, that clearly didn't happen, but I wanted to post it anyway {better late than never}.

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, {av} of long distance loving, celebrated the one year anniversary {congrats!} of her series: Friday's Fancies.  Week after week, I've admired all the style boards she and other bloggers put together based on a weekly theme selected by her.  I decided to finally participate and put something together, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to do this every week!

The theme for this Friday was inspiration.  Really up to your own interpretation, I chose to pick a fashionista who, in my opinion, always gets it right - Olivia Palermo.  She has been portrayed as the villain/bitch on The City and probably isn't as well-known as the other celebrities whose style inspire me {Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Conrad, and Jennifer Aniston to name a few} but she certainly is one of the best dressed.  So well dressed in fact, that I actually had a hard time choosing which of her outfits I wanted to recreate!

Happy weekend!


  1. Haha I ALWAYS am like 3 days late on Friday Fancies... Usually I don't even finish it until Monday so I know the feeling. Lol!! You did a great job though! I love all the black with all the AMAZING accessories!!! :) Hope you have a nice weekend!!!

  2. i LOVE your board [though i do hate olivia b/c of the city... she IS a bitch!] her style is impeccable though! i LOVE those two tone flats! i love two tone flats, need some bad! lol


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