Wednesday, January 18, 2012

go greek!

That certain time of the year is upon us.

Do you know what I'm referring too?

If you guessed, sorority recruitment then you are correct!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I joined the Gamma Phi Beta sorority while I was a student at Syracuse University.  Fun fact: The Syracuse University chapter of Gamma Phi Beta is the Alpha Chapter, meaning it was founded at SU and is the first Gamma Phi Beta chapter {we were founded on November 11, 1874}.  I know that greek life isn't for everyone; not all of my friends belonged to a fraternity or sorority.  I can say though that some of my closest, dearest, and best friends I met through Gamma Phi.

My story starts in the spring of 2009 when I went through the recruitment process as a sophomore.  At SU, girls can go through rush as a freshmen or sophomore {or as a junior for some transfer students}.  I made the conscious choice not to go through the process until I was a sophomore with my roommate.  She and I both ended up putting Gamma Phi Beta as our first {and actually ONLY house} and were lucky enough to be selected by them as well!  We were initiated several weeks later and have been sorority members since that spring.  I was honored when, just a year later and after spending the 2009 fall semester abroad, I was elected as Education Vice President by my sisters.  I served on the Gamma Phi Beta Executive Board during my senior year with some of my fantastic sisters and met some of the sweetest freshmen and sophomores during our New Member Period.

I honestly do not regret a single moment of my time with Gamma Phi while at college and think it is one of the best decisions I've ever made {as stated on one of my sorority shirts}.  I miss them all so much and am counting down the days til I can see some of them again {especially my roommate from senior year Karen - HI KAREN!}

In honor of the upcoming two weekends of rush at Syracuse University, I will be putting together a few blog posts including a few tips and tricks that may be helpful for recruitment.  To kick it all off, I made a little something just for Gamma Phi...

... Gamma Phi Beta cookies!  These are not the prettiest cookies and they are far from perfect, but I love them anyway!  {And yes, those are crescent moon sprinkles.}

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