Friday, February 24, 2012

friday's fancies: hollywood glamour

It took me until about 20 minutes ago to finally decide on a dress.  I really tried to make sure that I picked something that I liked and, if there were a less expensive and similar style, would choose to wear myself.  I am guessing that my indecision is a reason why celebrities have people like the dapper Mr. Brad Goreski style them.  It's so hard to choose between dresses!  I'm glad that I was finally able to find the one that I would love to walk the red carpet in.

Are you all excited for the awards on Sunday night? Have you cast your vote on a ballot?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. i love finding fellow fleurdeforce lovers!

    and i also love that yellow dress!

  2. Can not wait for the Oscars!

  3. love love love the yellow! the silhouette is beautiful too- great picks :)

  4. That gown is truly stunning. I am so excited for tomorrow night. I can never get enough of the red carpet.

  5. Love the colour of that dress, excited for tonight! :)

  6. What a dress! Love the yellow and gold combination


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