Friday, February 3, 2012

friday's fancies: spring fever

Third time's a charm!  Today is the third Friday that I am participating and linking up with Alison's Friday's Fancies and I actually have it posted early on Friday!  I consider this to be a success.

I love this week's theme of spring fever.  Wednesday was so unusually warm for January that I wore shorts {with tights of course} to work.  When I took a walk during lunch, I even walked around without my coat on because the weather was so nice.  Since then, I've been impatiently awaiting the arrival of spring and warmer temperatures.  I can't wait to wear flats more often and only need to carry a light jacket.  I already plan on trying out the new trend of longer length skirts and incorporating more brights, pastels, patterns, and florals into my wardrobe.

Happy Friday!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. what a fab outfit :) Cute skirt & love those flats!

    Happy Weekend

  2. I am loooving that watch & jean jacket! So cuteee! :)

    Have a great weekend!!

    Nicole Rene

  3. Too cute! I am so happy I came across your site today, it's darling. Loving the spring outfits...and can't wait for warmer weather :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!!
    Twirling Clare


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