Friday, February 3, 2012

jason wu for target

I'm sure you've all seen these already, but I couldn't help but post some of my favorites from the Jason Wu for Target lookbook since the collection will be released on Sunday, February 5th.  I can only imagine that stores will be just as crazy as they were for the Missoni collection.  For their sake, I hope that they learned their lesson and don't have any problems with the website during this release.  I haven't decided yet whether or not I want to wake up early to try and snag a few pieces.  After being one of the many who was locked out of the Target site for hours during that Missoni debacle, I've been turned off by the idea of sitting online or entering the store craziness just for a few items.  It hasn't stopped me from admiring his pieces and choosing my favorites though!

Do you plan on waking up early to purchase items online, heading to the stores, or neither?

{all images via Target Style}

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