Wednesday, February 8, 2012

products i regret buying

This series will mostly be makeup related products.

I can admit, I was a little late on the makeup train.  It wasn't until my freshman year of college that I really became interested in it.  In my defense, I went to an all-girl high school and never felt the need then to wear any.  It's a completely different story now though.

There are a few YouTube makeup gurus that I love {MakeupByTiffanyD, MakeupByEman, and Kandee Johnson to name a few} and will watch whenever they post a new video.  I love watching different looks that they come up with, even though I tend to always wear more neutral colors.  I'm constantly on the hunt for the best products for my skin since it is extremely sensitive, but I don't always pick winners.  Sometimes the products are cult favorites and sometimes they get rave reviews on YouTube or in magazines, but if it doesn't work for me, I don't like to keep it and have it take up space in my drawers.  Don't get me wrong.  I always feel horrible about just tossing these in the garbage {if I can return it, I will}, but I don't see the sense in keeping something that I truly dislike.

These are the latest things that I regret buying.

1. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum: I read the reviews and tried a bit on in Sephora and really liked its consistency and feel.  That being said, I NEEDED to get rid of this.  Why?  It caused an allergic reaction and I took that as the only reason necessary to know that I couldn't use it anymore.
2. Smashbox Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio: I bought these back when I was a junior in college and didn't get rid of them until recently.  The colors in the trios I chose all seemed very pigmented when I swatched in stores.  When I actually used it all over my lids, it was a completely different story.  The colors in all three trios I purchased were so sheer no matter how much I packed it on.  They ended up just sitting in my drawers, untouched and unused for years.
3. Maybelline Great Last Mascara in Blackest Black: I know that Great Lash is a cult favorite so I tried it out in its darkest available color {I prefer very black mascara}.  I hoped that I would love this as much as most, but I found that it didn't do anything for my lashes and smudged within just a few hours.  I tossed this after trying to make it work for a few weeks.
4. Maybelline The Falsies Volum'Express Flared: A few of my friends use this mascara and praised it so I thought I would try it out for myself.  The verdict - I couldn't get over its smell; it was just too overbearing for me.  I'm already very wary of scented products that I use on my face {I usually have a bad reaction to them} and since it's mascara, it was a turn-off. However, I actually really liked the way this looked and I can see why so many people like it.  If it weren't for its strong scent, I probably would have kept this.

Are any of these four products that you use?  What are some of the products you regret buying?


  1. I'm with you on #3 -- I don't get what all the hype is about! Great post. :)

  2. Cute post! I def have a bunch of products I regret! Love your blog too, new follower!


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