Thursday, February 23, 2012

pumped up kicks: low heels

When I realized what post I had planned for today, I laughed.  I just told all of you yesterday that I was starting my own operation spending freeze, an idea inspired by Alison of long distance loving, but had planned to write about shoes today...


One good thing about this post is that I don't usually set out to buy a pair of shoes with a low heel {I classified this as anything under three inches}.  That's not to say that I still wouldn't love to have a pair or two of these in my closet though...

As I said, if I were to go out and buy a pair of heels I wouldn't normally choose one under three inches.  A few of these definitely have caught my eye though, like #1 and #6.  I think either of those two would be great for work in my opinion.  And #3 would be a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

Do you usually wear low or high heels {look for a post on mid and high heels soon!}?  Any of these catching your eye?

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  1. im not too crazy about low heels but these are pretty cute! the 2nd pair is calling my name, love that color!


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