Monday, February 6, 2012

weekend recap

Sometimes there are awkward moments in life.

Like when you attend a basketball game and there are more people wearing colors for the away team than the home team.

Or when you are probably one of the very few New England Patriots fans that lives in New Jersey and they lose to the Giants in the Superbowl.



Since they lost, I'm not in the best of moods and will most likely be in a slump for a few days.  That's what happens when you love sports and are a proud fan {and also when you don't like to lose}.

In other news, the rest of the weekend was great.  I was finally able to see one of my good friends and sorority sister after nine months, Alex.  I can't believe we hadn't seen each other since graduation!  We went out to dinner to this pizza place called Co. on 24th and 9th.  I meant to take pictures of our pizzas {she got the mushroom and jalapeño and I got the flambé} but it slipped my mind at the time.  They were delicious though!  I highly recommend going if you are in New York City.

On Saturday, I went to the Syracuse/St John's basketball game at the Garden {aka the game I referenced earlier} with my parents and friend Gabby.  It was lots of fun and made so much better by a Syracuse win!  I decided to stay up late that night to try and grab a few Jason Wu for Target pieces.  Though I had chosen a few favorites pieces and looks on Friday, I only purchased two things - a blush shirt and straw canvas clutch.

Though I am very disappointed by the outcome of the Superbowl, I did enjoy the halftime show.  Maybe I am one of the few, but I thought Madonna was very entertaining.  Quite the performance she put on with all of the lights, set, costumes, and guest {I am going to ignore the fact that she lip-synched...}.  I also really enjoyed the commercials, especially the ones from Best Buy {did you catch the founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom?}, the cute Coca - Cola polar bears, and the trailer for The Lorax.  Did you have any favorites?

Now, I am very much counting down the days until vacation with my family {32 days} and the Final Four in New Orleans {53 days}!

{images taken via iPhone; Jason Wu shirt and clutch via Target}

Happy Monday!

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