Monday, February 20, 2012

weekend recap

Reading magazines, shopping for colorful things, being able to catch up with close friends via Skype, and watching some episodes of one of my favorite Food Network shows added up to a great weekend.  And really, it isn't even over yet!  I can't lie and say that I don't enjoy having today off because I most certainly do.  I usually think that the weekend passes by too quickly so it's nice to have this extra day to really relax.

If you have off today, I hope you enjoy the long weekend!  I have plans to catch up on my favorite blog reads {plus some new great finds!} and to whip up a few baked goods.  I'm also hoping to finally Skype with my friend Liz {we went to high school and college together!} who has been abroad since August, first in London and now in Florence.  It is a long overdue chat session that I am very much looking forward to having.  Any fun things on your agenda?

If you don't and are spending the day working away, well Happy Monday!  I think today would be a great day to treat yourself to something nice!  You deserve it!

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