Thursday, March 22, 2012

march birchbox

In the middle of February I decided to finally purchase a year's subscription to Birchbox.  If you aren't familiar with them, Birchbox was started by female Harvard Business graduates who wanted to help women find the best beauty products that would work for them.  For every month subscribed, members will receive four to five luxe beauty samples that have been tried and tested by Birchbox employees.  After hearing about them months and months ago, I decided that this was probably worth the money for a one-year subscription.  There was an option for March to either receive a regular Birchbox or one with Teen Vogue selected products and I chose to go with the latter {why not right?}.  I know this is coming a bit late, but my box came while I was on vacation and we had our mail held until the 19th.  Since I slept most of Monday, I didn't open this until Tuesday.

1. Essie 'As Gold as it Gets' Luxeffects: I actually already own this so I wasn't ecstatic about receiving it.  I do like it though!

2. Kate Spade New York 'Twirl': I'm glad this came in the box because I own the rollerball version of this scent and am starting to run low.  This is my go-to perfume for work days - very floral which I love!

3. Twistband hair tie: I have wanted to try these out for awhile and am planning on using this on Saturday during Bar Method class.  Hope it works well!

4. K√©rastase Elixir Ultime: This is a nourishing oil that is meant to help hydrate, smooth, and sleekify your hair.  I don't really use hair products so not sure if I'll use this, but if I do I will be sure to let you know how it works!

5. Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in 'Lucky': This is a matte color and I highly recommend with all matte colors making sure that your lips are smooth.  Matte colors will settle into lines much easier and be more noticeable than other formulas so having chapped lips is a big no-no.  I tried this on the day I opened my box {Tuesday} and felt the color was too light for my skin tone but looked better with a pink gloss on top {which I guess defeats the purpose of wearing this as a lip tint but oh well!}. However, I did like the formula and would consider buying this in a different color and other versions.

Are you a Birchbox subscriber or have you considered buying a subscription?  Let me know if you are or are considering it and if it's turned you onto new brands or products!

And happy 100 posts to me! Yay for a milestone! :]

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  1. I am getting my first birch box this month! Soooo excited! I've heard good & bad things about it so I'm anxious but hey it's only $10!


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