Wednesday, March 28, 2012

orange glazed chocolate doughnuts

This has to be one of my new favorite recipes.  These are SO. GOOD.

I bought some doughnut pans {I have this and this from Wilton} a few weeks ago so that I could try out baked doughnuts. And let me tell you, they are great! During my baking and cooking spree on Sunday, I made some dark chocolate doughnuts with an orange glaze. The glaze is a great fruity addition. I am a big fan of chocolate and fruit combinations so this was right up my alley.

{One day, I will get a better camera to take better pictures...}

{... For now, I will settle for my Nikon and instagram.}

I used these recipes form Heather Cristo Cooks but used orange juice instead of blood orange juice. Of course, you can switch these out and interchange them with your favorite combinations - blueberry and lemon, strawberry and chocolate, plain with sugar, the list is really endless.

Have you tried doughnut pans? What are you favorite combinations?


  1. You had me a orange & of course, donuts. I've always wanted to try making donuts at home since they say they're pretty easy so thanks for linking the recipe.

  2. Um these look absolutely delicious! I must try these at home! Mmm.

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway over on my blog!

    Xo Chelle

  3. These look so delicious! Have not heard much about the baked donuts - I'm dreaming that it cuts the calories by a zillion! :)


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