Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY: glitter makeup brush holders

When I saw this DIY from Something Turquoise, I wanted to jump in my car and head to Michael's to purchase everything I needed for this project. While I love original idea of champagne glasses {and plan on making them in the future}, I thought this would be great to tackle on for make up brush holders. This was my first ever DIY {I actually did these late one night in January} and I'm so happy with how they turned out!

{I know, I know. I have a lot a of makeup brushes.}

This DIY is super simple. I unfortunately didn't take pictures after each step, but it's simple enough that you probably don't need them - though I promise more photos for my next one!

Glass containers {I found mine at Michael's}
Craft paint {I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Craft Paint in Beach Glass and Verdelite}
Tape {I used plain old scotch tape but painter's tape would work really well}

Step 1: Clean the containers with alcohol and let them dry completely before painting. Tape around the top of the container so that your design starts about an inch below the rim. Make sure there are no bubbles or ridges so that you get a clean line.

Step 2: Using a clean pouncer and the satin paint, start dabbing the paint onto the glass. Use more paint at the top of the container and lessen the amount and pressure towards the bottom. This creates a fading effect. I painted two thin layers and allowed for 20 minutes dry time in between.

Step 3: With a different and clean pouncer, use the same painting technique from Step 2 with the glitter paint to paint another two layers on top of the satin paint. Allow for the same drying time. You'll end up with something that looks like this.

Once the paint is completely dry, slowly and carefully remove the tape and you will end up with a nice, straight, and clean line. All that's left now is to fill it with your brushes and find the perfect spot to display your pretty new brush holders!


  1. Sheri that's so cute! I would totally make those and I love the color you picked!

  2. such a cute and easy DIY- absolutely love it!

  3. Very cute idea! And yes you totally have a lot of make up brushes-that's exactly what I was thinking before you said it. Ha.


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