Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have a hard time selecting iPhone cases because I'm so picky about the way they look and what they're made out of. I love Kate Spade cases but two of the hard cases have cracked and the soft case became too stretched out. I also really loved my personalized monogram case but it didn't cover the entire phone {the top and bottom were exposed}. My favorite cases have come from J. Crew because of the fun prints, great fit to the phone, and good price. I'm currently using this bold orange floral print case but the color has definitely dulled. It's actually a bit dirty, which I really don't like, so I've been looking for a new one.

Enter SwitchEasy.

SwitchEasy makes iPhone cases {among many other cases for Apple products} in so many fun designs and colors that I found it so hard to choose! I finally decided on this mint colored case and am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive! Below are some of the cases that I love.

{Blossom iPhone Case in Pink, Black, and Mint | Colors iPhone Case in Turquoise, Fuschia, and Mint - my pick! | Glitz iPhone Case in Blue, Purple, and Green}

Take a look at their site and let me know your favorites!


  1. I love these. The pink and mint floral are my favs. Good choice!


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