Thursday, June 28, 2012

baby bags

You may think this is strange, but I'm a huge fan of baby bags. Why? Because they're incredibly spacious and have so many pockets. I sometimes use mine {color is discontinued} as a work bag or when I'm traveling. Lately though, I've been toying with the idea of sometimes even using it as a camera bag {though I did just buy this one from Jo Totes}. The best part is, unless you tell someone, no one will have any idea that you're using a baby bag because they're so trendy and cute nowadays.

These are some of my favorites.

Adorable right? And so functional!


  1. I love the two Kate Spade you said, I couldn't even tell they were baby bags! Us girls have a LOT of stuff to carry around with us, so we need a spacious bag to hold it all. Therefore, using a stylish baby bag is perfectly fine :)

  2. That Kate Spade stripe bag is amazing!!!!!! Who would have know they are baby bags. Great idea girl!


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