Friday, June 29, 2012

friday's fancies: beachy chic

It's summer and it's Friday, which means that my mind is probably somewhere other than work right now. And man, what I wouldn't give to be down the shore {I am from NJ, therefore I say "down the shore" not "at the beach"}! Sunny skies, hot temperatures, sand between my toes, cool water - all of that sounds pretty perfect to me. Since I'm not headed to the beach anytime soon, I'll have to settle for looking at pretty bathing suits, easy cover-ups, and a bag for all the essentials. Don't forget the sunscreen!

Enjoy the weekend! I've got a busy one ahead of me. I'm heading to Syracuse for a quick trip tomorrow and then seeing my new apartment on Sunday!

Happy Friday!


  1. What a gorgeous suit! I love that dress, it's the perfect day for the beach! I've been also seriously crushing on Jack Rogers lately! Maybe if I save my pennies...

    Have fun seeing your new place Sheri Ann!

  2. That swimsuit is gorgeous! Love the tote too :)

  3. Need that bag and dress now! Great picks!!!

  4. I've been lusting after that dress for weeks now... not loving the price tag still though. *sigh*

  5. That suit is so glam, and love it with the Jack Rogers!!


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