Wednesday, June 27, 2012

w8fit activewear

I've posted a lot of baking recipes and pictures lately. Chocolate cake, frostings, brownie pops, cookies. And of course, there's my weekly Eat This, Wear That posts. I thought it was time for a post dedicated to being fit or attempting to get fit.

I stumbled upon W8Fit Activewear and think it's such a genius idea! W8Fit sells weighted workout clothes that are designed specifically for women. All you need to do is insert their 1/2 pound or 1/4 pound weights into the pockets of their pants, tanks, or arm cuffs and you're all set for a weighted workout. Added weight can make your muscles work harder and help you burn more calories {there is a reason why you should add strength training to your workouts!}

I love the Run Crop Pants and X-Training Pants. Cute and fashionable workout gear with the added bonus of weight training? I'm good with that.

Well, what are you waiting for? I think it's time to head to the gym with these!

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  1. Um, what an awesome idea!! This could make just walking the dog a better work out! Thanks for sharing- off to check it out :)


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