Friday, September 28, 2012

friday's fancies: outfit crush

As I mentioned in a post last week, I turn to Pinterest and my favorite bloggers and celebrities for outfit inspiration. There were a few people I thought of including for this week's outfit crush-themed Friday's Fancies, but I kept coming back to Ashley Greene. In my opinion, she's got great style - classic and trendy, feminine with a bit of edge - on and off the red carpet and seems incredibly sweet and friendly. And that's all on top of being quite beautiful. Let's not forget, she's also been featured in DKNY's Spring and Fall 2012 campaigns so clearly she's doing something right.

I chose a look that I think works for day and night. Despite being a photo from 2010, I think this is pretty current and spot-on for fall with {faux} leather leggings, plaid, and suede accessories. Dainty and simple jewelry adds a sweet feminine touch that compliments this outfit so well. 

I'm a fan of the leather trend for fall and am on the hunt for leather leggings. Is this something you would wear?

And don't forget to enter my beauty giveaway before Sunday! I'm even throwing in a few extra surprises... Have a great weekend! 

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