Thursday, October 25, 2012

fall scents

Perfumes and candles are two things that I use everyday. I spritz on some perfume just before heading out the door, and I always light a candle once I enter my apartment. Here are a few of the scents that I'm loving this fall.

Dior and Ralph Lauren fragrances have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised by Lady Gaga's perfume. It's certainly eye catching, don't you think?

Bath & Body Works is my go-to store for candles. There are so many choices that I spend so much time just smelling them, trying to decide which to buy. I'm currently burning Autumn Day and have completely used up my large Cranberry Woods candle. I'm debating whether or not to purchase Mahogany Teakwood. I love it, but it smells an awful lot like an Abercrombie store and I'm not sure if that will be too much after a few hours.

What are your favorite scents this season? 

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  1. i've been dying to try lady gaga's new scent, i love the bottle!
    Fancy {No}Pants


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