Wednesday, November 7, 2012

cold weather sweaters

I mentioned in last Friday's post that I love sweaters. Whenever I walk into a store, I always end up spending so much time looking at the sweaters. Unfortunately for me, my sensitive skin just doesn't love anything but cotton. Yes, even the smoothest of smooth merino wool and softest of cashmere can be too much for me sometimes. It's upsetting because I think fall and winter sweaters are much warmer than my cotton pullovers and cardigans and come in the prettiest colors, prints, and designs. Cable knits and Fair Isle? Yes please!

I will take all three Topshop sweaters, the Fair Isle turtleneck {more on my love for turtlenecks soon}, and the one with the peter pan collar pretty please! Also, I'd like to grab a few from the Gap like this, this, and this. Really, I just want to add to many sweaters to my closet that doesn't have the room for them.


  1. Garcon is super cute! Too bad it's sold out in all but size 12!

    xo Carlina
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