Monday, November 12, 2012

eat this, wear that: crispy autumn kale salad

Kale seems to be the "it" food. To be perfectly honest, I've totally hopped on that bandwagon. Kale is good in salads, juices, baked chips, as a snack, as a side... you get the picture. This colorful and crispy kale salad had me wishing I had some fresh on hand to mix this together.

I love the bright colors of the orange sweet potato and the red pomegranate against the deep green of the kale, a great fall color palette. An outfit in shades of green accented with vibrant orange and poppy red adds the perfect splash of color to the first day of the work week.

Happy Monday!

{image via How Sweet Eats}

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  1. Love a good kale salad- it's definitely a winter staple as are the hot flats!

    xo Carlina
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