Tuesday, November 13, 2012

joe fresh

I first heard of Joe Fresh last October while watching a review on YouTube. With such positive reviews, I knew I needed to check out their clothing and their makeup. Unfortunately at the time, I didn't leave near one of their stores. While they haven't expanded much outside of Canada, their clothes and prices are too good not to share. If you live in Canada, northern NJ, or New York City, Joe Fresh is a store you'll want to stop in!

Their prices are great. The pretty print is just $40 and none of their makeup is over $12. That sequin shirt? $30. And those sweaters? Both at $40. They've got good quality products and clothing at affordable prices, a great combination if you ask me!

And as a little heads up, some fun holidays gift guides will be starting tomorrow! Putting together these gift guides and my own personal Christmas wish list is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I've already gotten a head start on my holiday shopping so I thought it would be great to post these now to help me and hopefully you!


  1. A great tip re Joe Fresh! I love that sequined sleeve blouse and yes- those prices are crazy good. Can't wait to check this out!


  2. why oh why can't joe fresh be anywhere near San Francisco or online....bah humbug!

    xo Carlina


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