Wednesday, November 28, 2012

turtlenecks and necklaces

On Monday night, my friend Gabby and I paid a visit to The Bar, BaubleBar's retail shop here in New York City. While we were browsing the selection, I realized that my necklaces have been neglected and traded in for warm scarves recently. Well, I've decided to put an end to that! Turtlenecks happen to be one of my favorite things to wear once the temperatures drop, and I think they'd be quite the pair with some statement necklaces.

Whether it's warm cashmere or a tissue tee, when paired with a pretty and bold necklace, turtlenecks don't seem so bad. I'll admit that I actually really disliked these for a long time, but I was completely converted last fall. I can't decide which pairing is my favorite, but I love the Noir Hex Strand necklace so that may be a frontrunner. I also love this green Club Monaco shirt and this pretty necklace together.

Would you try out this pairing?


  1. It's my new favorite thing to do! So easy and really makes the turtle neck seem more luxurious!

  2. What a clever post idea! I agree, sometimes you end up neglecting all your fun accessories because of the warm scarves--this is a perfect solution!

  3. Love this! I'm actually wearing a turtleneck and statement necklace today, it's the only way I'll wear them!


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