Thursday, December 13, 2012

a sprinkling of christmas decor

{Target Knit Tree - similar, Illume Naughty and Nice Candles}

{Burning a sweet - smelling Merry Mistletoe candle in a shiny gold sleeve}

{How adorable is my little sledding penguin? I love him!}

Just a little bit of Christmas decor that I have in my little studio apartment. Since there isn't much space, I didn't want to buy too many decorations {much to my dismay!} because I wouldn't have anywhere to store it. I love what I have though!

And really, how could you not love that penguin?! Want to know what makes him even cuter? When you press his left hand, he moves back and forth {as if he were sledding} to the tune of "Sleigh Bells"!

How have you decorated for the holidays?

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