Thursday, December 6, 2012

diy: peter pan collar necklace

I love Peter Pan collars. I've added this shirt to my closet but have been wanting to add more of the trend to my clothing and jewelry collection. Unfortunately, my budget isn't allowing for me to purchase pretty things like this necklace or this sweater. I'm dreaming though...

I decided to take matters into my own hands and do a little Peter Pan collar necklace DIY. Simple and inexpensive!

You will need:
Peter Pan collar pattern {I used this from The Alison Show}
Needle and thread {should match or closely match your felt}
Glue {this is my go-to}
Embellishments of your choice {I used crystals and brads}

1. Fold the felt in half and trace the pattern.

2. Safety pin the two sides together and cut out the pattern.

3. Unfold the felt and decide on what you you would like as the design for the collar. If gluing crystals like I did, I recommend laying it all out and then using tweezers to glue it to the felt. Yes, it may take awhile but I found it helpful to already have the look set out.

4. Cut out two pieces of ribbon {I suggest starting with longer pieces and then cutting them down to your desired length} and sew it {a simple running stitch will do} about an inch down to the back of the felt. Now, you don't have to sew the ribbon. In fact, just gluing it will suffice. I just worry a lot and was scared it wouldn't be enough. It is.

And there you have it! Your very own DIY Peter Pan collar necklace. 

If you're wondering how I made the black necklace, I just used outlined the necklace with brads. This was not as time-consuming as gluing the crystals since the back of the brads just needed to be flattened against the felt. Then I just sewed and glued velvet ribbon to the back. If you're worried about it snagging against your top, you can cover the back with another piece of felt. I haven't had any problems with this though!

*Sorry for the difference in lighting in the photos. I took the pictures of this during different times of night/morning.


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