Thursday, December 20, 2012

winter skin care

I know I've mentioned it multiple times, but my skin is super sensitive. Because of this, I try my hardest to take really good care of my skin. I've tried so many different types of lotions since my routine changes nearly every season and wanted to share my current routine.

Just recently, I had an awful eczema flare up and my skin, especially on my face, was incredibly dry. It wasn't until I got a humidifier {mine isn't available online but it was purchased in store at Target!} and switched to Dermarest lotion {I got it at CVS} that my skin healed basically over night. I highly recommend the brand!

If you're wondering, I use Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser to remove my make up at night. It works so well and doesn't irritate my skin. They also make great make up remover wipes and cleansing wipes that I use when traveling.

What's your winter skin care routine?

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