Monday, January 7, 2013

eat this, wear that: green smoothie

Be healthier, get in shape, lose weight - these are probably some of the most common resolutions made every year. And I can't lie. It's on my list of goals for 2013. So why not try this green monster smoothie and purchase some new work out gear to match? Emerald green is the color of the year and I love it paired with grey and orange. New cute and simple clothes in bright and happy colors will surely have you ready to kick some butt at the gym!

Happy Monday!
Fun Fact: I belong to the Reebok Sports Club but prefer Nike over anything Reebok.
{Image via Annie's Eats}

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  1. I already made a few athletic gear purchases this year. ;) Nothing like looking cute at the gym to get the most out of your workout.

    xo Carlina
    p.s. I'm hosting an amazing ShopSeptember giveaway- if I do say so myself!


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