Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year!

I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve! It's pretty crazy to think that it's the start of a new year already, isn't it? The latter half of 2012 and the holiday season just seemed to fly by if you ask me! 

And as with every new year, there are resolutions and goals to be set. I thought a lot about my list during the month of December and think I've finally narrowed it down to some things that I'll be able to stick with and complete!

1. Organize my apartment.
I have so many papers, documents, checks, etc. in my apartment and have never set out a file system for them. They've all accumulated in one place but have gotten mixed in the process. I've already started looking for folders and storage bins to finally organize everything.

2. Get serious about health and fitness.
I can happily say that I started on my goal of losing weight after college. I know it's a work in progress though so I'm hoping that in 2013 I'll start eating healthier and working out more. I want to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into my diet and set an exercise schedule.

3. Put away money each month for those bigger purchases.
There have been those bigger {and more expensive} purchases that I've thought of making for quite some time now. Due to their hefty price tags, I know this means I have to cut the spending on clothes, make up, and other knick-knacks I find myself buying each month. It may be hard in the beginning, but my bank account and credit card will be glad to have a break.

4. Explore NYC.
I haven't explored the city too much since moving here. While I've walked around the Upper West Side often, I have yet to really see what else New York has to offer. Restaurants, coffee shops, bodegas - there is so much more to see!

5. Branch out and be brave.
For me, this applies to so many things. I want to learn something new, try something new, visit some place new. I've decided that 2013 will be the year to look at all of things I've wanted to do and actually do it.

So there's my list. What are some of your goals for the new year?


  1. Great post. I really like your goals and the reasoning behind them. I'm in the same boat as you in regards to figuring out a budget and being healthier. Happy New Year. oxo

  2. Love the post - especially the Explore NYC goal! I have been in San Francisco for almost four years and I feel like there are neighborhoods I still don't know well!

    Happy New Year!



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