Tuesday, January 8, 2013

six little piggies

One of my resolutions for this year to put away and save some money. I'm not doing it just to be able to buy myself some nice things {though there are a few on my list!}, but I like knowing that I have a certain amount stashed away. I have a pretty little piggy bank that my mom spray painted gold for me sitting in my apartment. It hasn't been much more than a decorative piece - until now! I've decided to start dropping in a few coins and extra dollars every now and then. I think it will be a nice surprise when I finally decide to empty it out and see how much is in it!


  1. This is a great idea. For awhile I would save my loose change in my car and was really shocked when it added up to double digits so quickly. I love these piggy banks... I may have to invest (ha!) in one!!!

  2. Super cute idea. I need to be better about this, but with all the weddings coming up etc. its tough. The piggy banks are so adorable and motivate to save!
    p.s. You going to IFB?
    The Pumpkin Spot


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