Friday, February 8, 2013

valentine's day makeup

I recently cleaned out my makeup drawers in preparation of an upcoming makeup spending freeze and realized just how much I had and never used. Looking at everything inspired me to put together two makeup looks that would be appropriate for Valentine's Day, no matter how you spend it.

Wearing bright pink eyeshadow can be intimidating {and not always so flattering} so opt for a shimmery rose gold shade paired with a matte chocolate brown. A neutral peach-toned blush and a pink {I consider this my "my lips but better" shade} lip butter are great complements to the look. And if you're looking for high quality and inexpensive makeup brushes, Sigma is the way to go. They're affordable and so comparable to the more expensive brushes.

For the second look, keep your eyeshadow and blush neutral and play up your lips and lashes. Wear some false eyelashes that look natural but add just the right amount of volume and pair it with lip color that packs a major punch and won't wear off. I'm loving Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics right now because you need the tiniest amount to get a really opaque color. Memento and NSFW are my favorites! If you find that your lipstick is too drying and isn't lasting quite as long as you'd like, make sure to exfoliate beforehand and apply moisturizer first.

Have a great weekend! And if you're in the Northeast, enjoy the snow!

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