Thursday, April 18, 2013

five things

The lovely Mikki of Centre Street Style tagged me to share five things about myself that you may not know about me...

1. I don't have your typical middle name. Most people have middle names like Marie or Elizabeth but mine is Aduna {pronounced uh-doo-na}, my grandma's maiden name.

2. I'm allergic to shellfish and scaled fish {I can eat calamari}. It was so bad when I was younger that I couldn't even be in the house or in a restaurant where they were cooking fish because the steam would give me hives. I'd even break out if my food was cooked on the same surface or touched by the same cooking utensil. Whenever my grandma made shrimp, she would cut one up into the tiniest of pieces and let me eat it as a way to help me get over the allergy. I actually think it worked because my shellfish allergy isn't so bad anymore. Scaled fish is another story...

3. I dabbled in musical theatre - sort of. When I was in grammar school, my eighth grade class performed The Wizard of Oz and I auditioned for the Wicked Witch. Well, I was cast as Dorothy instead. It was my first time singing on a stage in front of that many people and I was so nervous! I got through the show, but my acting wasn't great and neither was my singing. Oh well, I tried!

4. I played on my high school's varsity golf team for all four years. I didn't even pick up a golf club until the summer before 9th grade so I wasn't that great. I did pick up the game pretty quickly though. I'm still not that good but, if you couldn't tell from my Augusta post and Masters tweets and Instagram pictures, I love the game.

5. Whenever I eat meat or burgers, I always order it well-done. If I see any pink or red, I freak out and won't eat it. So unless I'm at a really good steak restaurant, you can bet on me asking for it that way.

So there you have it, five random things about me! I'm tagging Tracy, Laura, and Alex for this one!


  1. LOVE learning new things about you!! Yay!!! So cool you were dorothy- impressive!

    I'll have to do this post next week!!!


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