Wednesday, May 22, 2013

eat this, wear that: sprinkles, sequins, and birthdays

Eat This, Wear That: Sprinkles, Sequins, and Birthdays
What better cake to have on a birthday than one with a hidden oreo and covered in sprinkles? Seems like the perfect dessert to me! Birthdays also call for bright sequins and fun heels. Worn with a flowy black skirt and other simple accessories and this look is complete and ready for a celebration!

But really, can I have those heels? And that top? Or maybe just the entire outfit...
Cheers to 24 and another great year!
{Image via Sprinkles Bakes}


  1. Wait is today your birthday? Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Happy birthday lady!! Love that sweet look, and what a fun litte cake! Enjoy your day xox

  3. Those mini cakes are adoreable - def making those for my best friend's bday!

    x Kelsey


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