Wednesday, May 15, 2013

underneath your clothes

We're going to get a bit intimate right now...

One thing I am constantly worried about is whether or not my bras fit correctly. In my opinion, an ill-fitting bra or panty can ruin a pretty outfit. I've loved Hanky Panky for quite some time now and have recently discovered Josie Natori, but there's another brand that I've worn for years that just makes some great intimates - Calvin Klein. I actually started wearing Calvin Klein Underwear when I was in 8th grade and still can't get over the amazing quality and fit. And while I usually gravitate towards plain neutrals, sometimes it's nice to have those lacy pieces to make you feel extra pretty.

Sprinkles and Style: Calvin Klein Intimates
Seriously, how pretty are these? I love the midnight blue chantilly lace set and the royal blue, nearly purple embroidered set.
So tell me - would you go for plain and simple or color and lace?

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