Monday, June 17, 2013

sprinkles, style, and sights: us open at merion

My parents and I drove down to Philadelphia last week to watch the Wednesday practice round and Round One of the US Open. Unfortunately, it rained for most of Thursday morning so we ended up not going to watch golf that day. We've still been following the golf every day since then. Watching the excitement and struggle {who knew that little ol' Merion Golf Club was going to be such a difficult course for these pros?} provided quite some entertainment over all four days. It was an especially great way to spend time with my family on Father's Day.

The view from the Club Lounge at our hotel

Wicker basket flag sticks instead of the usual flags

The shortest hole on the course


  1. That's awesome Sheri Ann! My dad and I watched all weekend, the course was killer!

  2. Love the photos! You are totally on my old stomping grounds. Looks like an amazing weekend.
    The Pumpkin Spot


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