Tuesday, July 9, 2013

going g-free

Sprinkles and Style || Going Gluten Free - Blackberry Picnic Pies
Don't these blackberry picnic pies look delicious? I don't even like blackberries but this picture has me wishing I could just grab one through my computer screen. And the best part? They're gluten-free!

I don't typically talk about health and fitness here on the blog because honestly, I'm not the healthiest or fittest person out there. And now that's come back to bite me in the you-know-what. This year, I've been having more health and stomach issues than ever. Pains and aches that I've never experienced before started happening more often than my parents and I wanted. After a hospital visit, multiple doctor's appointments, and a prescription that I keep handy at all times, it was decided that going gluten-free might just help out a little bit - or maybe a lot!
I'm hoping that this {plus an overall healthier diet and exercise} will do the trick and kick whatever this is to the curb, but I need some help. If you know of any gluten-free blogs, send them my way! A gluten-free cookbook? A great gluten-free restaurant in NYC? The best gluten-free brand? I want to know! 
Any information you have would be helpful and most appreciated friends so thanks so much in advance!


  1. Those pies DO look amazing! I've really loved Terra sweet potato and beet chips. I know that's a random GF item, but they're great when you're craving something salty!

  2. Good luck lady! I'll look in my stash of recipes for some GF things for ya!!

  3. Those look great! I've been gluten free for over a year now and I couldn't be happier (or healthier). I use pinterest a lot to be quite honest for gluten free recipes, but there are surprisingly a lot of delicious box mixes out there for gf brownies and pancakes, among others. Good luck being gluten free! x


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