Wednesday, July 3, 2013

inspired by: summertime desserts

Though its rained and the sky has been more cloudy than clear lately, summer temperatures are definitely here. Not to mention, it's incredibly muggy. After walking around and waiting for the subway, sometimes all I really want is a cold scoop {or maybe two} of ice cream. I've been craving more fruity flavors lately and love how they remind me so much of pretty summertime colors.

Sprinkles and Style || Summertime Nails and Ice Cream Desserts

I can't even pick a favorite here. They all sound and look too good. And the nail polish? Don't even get me started on how pretty I think the Deborah Lippmann colors are!

What's your favorite ice cream flavor to cool off with in the summer?

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  1. oh i can't pick a fave- love them ALL! although that light yellow is pretty awesome. as for icecream- i'm more of a popsicle girl come summertime!


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