Tuesday, September 17, 2013

around the internet: what to watch

Because I was home the last week recovering from surgery, I spent more time than usual watching a few fun videos on the internet. I thought I would spread the link love and share it with you!

1. Robert Pattinson may not be the most talented actor out there, but even I can admit when he looks good. His new Dior ad is a bit NSFW but worth a watch just to see his clean-shaven face look quite handsome in a suit.

2. Flash mob proposals are pretty popular and this one definitely caught my attention. This adorable proposal happened in the middle of Home Depot and put a smile on my face immediately.

3. This one isn't actually a particular video but an entire YouTube channel. I've been watching this family and their daily vlogs for a few months now and just had to share! The Saccone-Jolys share their daily happenings in Ireland on their YouTube channel, and I just love seeing what they and their adorable one-year-old daughter Emilia are up to.


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