Friday, September 27, 2013

friday's fancies: work wear

The office I work in doesn't have too strict of a dress code. I aim for business casual the majority of the time, meaning pencil skirts, shift dresses, and feminine blouses. Sometimes though, I'll feel like I'm in a rut and a more casual outfit of jeans and a sweater will make an appearance. I've learned though, in my two years of working in a corporate office, that sometimes simple with a little bit of trendy is the best way to go.

Sprinkles and Style || Friday's Fancies: Work Wear
The J. Crew Minnie pant {I own it in black, navy, cobalt blue, green, bright pink, fiery coral, and wine!} is a work staple for me. With its slim fit and stretchy fabric, it is a life saver on those mornings when you just can't figure out what to wear. Other work necessities? A comfortable shoe, a structured bag, and mascara and concealer to help when I just haven't gotten much sleep the night before.

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Happy weekend!


  1. I adore those shoes. They are so different yet have a classic appeal to them.

    Friday's Fancies

  2. Yep, love all these neutrals. Perfect for the office.



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