Thursday, September 19, 2013

trendy thoughts: the midi ring

When it comes to jewelry, I tend not to stray from what I know I like. Gold dainty pieces, simple bangles, pearls, and just a little bit of sparkle are my preferences for anything that falls into the category. I've been admiring the midi ring trend for quite a few months now but haven't made it part of my collection just yet. My feelings on it seem to switch daily - Does it look dumb, like a ring that's just too small to actually fit? Or does it look like it belongs there, sitting between your knuckles? I honestly can't make up my mind on this!

Sprinkles and Style || The Midi Ring Trend
For today at least, I think I like this trend. What about you, is this a jewelry trend you'd wear?


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  2. 've been on the midi ring bandwagon for well over a couple months now and I love them--though they're most definitely not the most practical, but I suppose that's what makes them all the more appealing! xx


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