Monday, January 6, 2014

drink this, wear that: raspberry kale green smoothie

Well, hello there! I'm trying to get back into the swing of, well, everything really. Back to work, back to blogging, back to healthy eating. The holidays took a toll on my usual diet, but one of my goals {I feel like using the world 'resolution' is a setup for failure} for the year is to keep healthy habits. With the amount of food and sweets consumed over the holidays {really from Thanksgiving and til New Year's Eve}, I could use a green smoothie or two.

Drink This, Wear That: Raspberry Kale Smoothie || Sprinkles and Style
I'm already a fan of green juices and smoothies, but it was the raspberries that attracted me to this one. I have no doubt that when you see the recipe for this smoothie you'll want to try it out. The raspberry red color is a great contrast with green so why not add a bit of color to your workout ensemble with a braided headband? It's cute, functional, and gives some brightness to a simple outfit of leggings and a tee. Some printed sneakers add that little bit of fun!

Happy Monday!

{Image via Cooking Classy}

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  1. So, I started taking green juice about 2 years ago after I heard my cousin talking about taking a green drink product and "alkalizing" your body.
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