Wednesday, May 21, 2014

style caddy & starting fresh

If you couldn't tell, I got into a bit of rut here on Sprinkles and Style. In fact, it really started last fall. I was feeling so uninspired and limited, like this blog just wasn't what I wanted it to be and that I wasn't writing and creating content that made me happy.

Of course, I had the option of just taking a bit of time to regroup and collect my thoughts and hopefully put something together that would just make everything click. But then I realized that maybe what I really needed was a fresh start.

I'm not really saying good-bye to the blogging world, just a welcome back... but elsewhere! You can now find me blogging over at Style Caddy, a place that will have some similar content - fashion, food, beauty - with a little bit of golf thrown in. I hope you'll all join me there!

xo - Sheri Ann

Now blogging at Style Caddy!